Storyacious is no longer accepting submissions. Please enjoy our extensive archives of literary, arts and music contributions from all over the world. Our regular features are listed below. For other frequent features, please see the menu above or the categories in the sidebar. Thank you for visiting.

storyacious original proseA weekly fix of original prose, both fiction and non-fiction, to entertain, provoke and captivate. From personal essays to short one-act plays, many of these 50+ contributions are worth revisiting.

storyacious original poemsFrom prose poems to experimental ekphrastic ones, these original poems by 50+ poets, engage all the senses. Inspired by travel, art, nature, love and many far-ranging themes, they will last in memory long after the reading.

storyacious practicesA monthly column of how-to essays on the art and craft of writing by Jessica Barksdale Inclan. These practical suggestions are for writers of all stripes and all levels. The many examples and anecdotes included in each installment also make for interesting reading.

paper swansA monthly column by Melissa Wiley, whose unique perspectives weave these intimate meditations on life, love, work, travel, and much more into irresistibly beautiful webs of words, ideas, images and emotions.

storyacious playlistThese monthly themed playlists by Mark Keene, a musician and band member, include interesting backstories about the musicians and/or the making of the music/song. Save to your own playlists to listen again and again.

Weekend-PoemPoems to meditate and relax with over the weekend. Each one comes with a non-technical contextual story behind it. And, there’s one for every possible mood and occasion. What started as a private, personal practice for Jenny Bhatt is now shared here for the pleasure of others.

bibliomemoirsBibliomemoirs: The Books We Read, The Lives We Lead‘ is a six-part series on books that celebrate the reading life and the books that inspire. And, for the bibliophile, there are mini-reviews of 30+ bibliomemoirs to dive into, as may suit your fancy.

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