ICYMI: Links Roundup for Feb 13, 2014

storyacious links roundupSimone Felice’s new single; Author Laura Lippman’s interview; new short story collection, ‘Dangerous Women’; 2014 Stella Prize longlist; Poet Robert Frost’s letters; Author Marcel Theroux’ ‘Strange Bodies’; More Kwame Dawes’ Olympic poetry; The Hemingway Test; Dustin Grella’s animated shorts; 2014 International Garden Photographer of the Year pictures; Hollywood movies re-imagined as Ottoman art. Read on.


Simone Felice, of The Felice Brothers, has a new album coming out and here’s a single from it, ‘Running Through My Head‘. Beautiful, earworm-worthy tune.


A delightful interview with author, Laura Lippman. So many great book recommendations included too from her favorites. Her latest novel is ‘After I’m Gone‘.

A new story collection is out called ‘Dangerous Women‘ from some very popular authors – Diana Gabaldon, Lev Grossman, George R R Martin. Do you need to know more to add this to your to-read list? Read the review.

Speaking of dangerous women, here’s the 2014 Stella Prize longlist. This is Australia’s all-female literary award. Some good ones there.

We’ve mentioned the new anthology of Robert Frost’s letters. If you need more convincing, try this latest review. Delicious.

And, here’s another book we’ve mentioned but, if you need more arm-twisting, read this review of Marcel Theroux’ ‘Strange Bodies‘.

Poet, Kwame Dawes, continues his Olympic poetry – which should be a book-length collection, really, they’re so good. This latest is a rather funny one about Bob Costas’ eyes, if you’ve been following that story.

Even Hemingway barely passes the Hemingway test. There’s an app for that, you know.


These 3 animated shorts about phone conversations from Dustin Grella are quite good.


A selection of some amazing entries for the 2014 International Garden Photographer of the Year – many of these are not quite what you’d expect. Take a look.

Hollywood movies re-imagined as Ottoman art. So imaginative.

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