ICYMI: Links Roundup for Feb 19, 2014

storyacious links roundupSting’s live performance of ‘The Ship’; Women writing about sex; Men writing about sex and profanity; Authors asking Penguin India to pulp their books too; biography of a Victorian elephant, ‘Jumbo’; 2013 LA Times Book Prize finalists; Jason Porter’s debut novel, ‘Why Are You So Sad?’; Tony Vanderwarker’s memoir on being mentored by John Grisham; Sharon Draper on why she wrote her novel, ‘Panic’; Frohawk Two Feathers, artist, and his tattooed warrior images. Read on.


Hear/watch Sting doing a live performance of ‘The Ship’.


Is it hard for women to write about sex? Don’t think so. But, this essay says, yes, it is. Hmm.

On the other hand, authors like Henry Miller and Louis-Ferdinand Céline, had no problem even 80 or so years ago when their books, filled with sex and profanity, were scandalous. The books were: ‘The Tropic of Cancer‘ and ‘Journey to the End of the Night‘, respectively.

In the wake of the Wendy Doniger book pulping drama, two authors have asked Penguin India to pulp their books too.

A biography of an elephant. Yes. But, Jumbo was quite the Victorian celebrity. And, this collection of reviews makes the book sound rather promising. The book is ‘Jumbo: the Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation‘ by John Sutherland

LA Times announced their 2013 Book Prize finalists. A mixed bag.

Why Are You So Sad?‘ A debut novel by Jason Porter that does sound interesting. Read the excerpt linked at the end of the review too.

Tony Vanderwarker was a struggling author who managed to get bestselling author, John Grisham, as his mentor. Not only was he able to eventually turn his novel around and get it accepted for publication, but he wrote a memoir about his mentoring experience, ‘Writing with the Master: How One of the World’s Bestselling Authors Fixed My Book and Changed My Life‘. The novel is being published as ‘Sleeping Dogs‘.


Sharon Draper talks, in this brief video, about her novel ‘Panic‘ and why she wrote it. Though it is a Young Adult novel, there are very grown-up themes here.


Artist, Frohawk Two Feathers, brings his obsessive, elaborate, alternate version of New York City history to a Chelsea gallery with images of mixed-race, tattooed warriors who battled for colonial Manhattan. Quite amazing.

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