Marginalia: Grownup Fiction with Child Protagonists

storyacious marginaliaI read Emma Donoghue’s Room entirely over a weekend. For a story with just 2 main characters who spend most of the the duration in a 12×12 locked room with only 1 visitor, it is quite the drama-filled page-turner and covers an almost-full gamut of human experience. So, I am really liking this list of other similar-themed and plotted novels, none of which I have read. Love discovering new books, don’t you?

About the Author:

Publisher, Editor and Writer at Storyacious and Indiatopia. Also an independent consultant, ghost writer, former corporate executive and a lifelong student. Jenny's literary writing has appeared in, among others, Femina (India), Wallpaper as well as an anthology, 'Sulekha Select: The Indian Experience in a Connected World'. Having lived and worked her way around India, England, Germany, Scotland and various parts of the US, she now splits her time between the US (Atlanta, GA) and India. She is also working on a book that is due out in 2016.

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