Marginalia: Grownup Fiction with Child Protagonists

storyacious marginaliaI read Emma Donoghue’s Room entirely over a weekend. For a story with just 2 main characters who spend most of the the duration in a 12×12 locked room with only 1 visitor, it is quite the drama-filled page-turner and covers an almost-full gamut of human experience. So, I am really liking this list of other similar-themed and plotted novels, none of which I have read. Love discovering new books, don’t you?

About the Author:

Publisher, Editor and Writer at Storyacious and Indiatopia. Also an independent consultant, ghost writer, former corporate executive and a lifelong student. Jenny's literary writing has appeared in, among others, Femina (India), Wallpaper as well as an anthology, 'Sulekha Select: The Indian Experience in a Connected World'. Having lived and worked her way around India, England, Germany, Scotland and various parts of the US, she now lives in Santa Clara, California.

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